Top 10 stories from 2010-2020 – MMA Crossfire

Top 10 stories from 2010-2020 – MMA Crossfire

For our 10th anniversary, MMA Crossfire Editor-in-Chief Kenai Andrews looks back at the top 10 most popular stories, as determined by our readers.

From thousands of stories, we focus on the top 10, from 2010 to 2020:

Andrews: Bern is well-known for her acting, so I’m not surprised to see her on the list. Here, she shares some insights on her mother, and haircare which tends to interest our female readers.

Courtesy Roger Yuan.

Andrews: This is one of my favourite stories. Yuan was personable and I think that reflected in the story. I’m also pleased that the story was shared with his peers at the Stunt Guild Ireland.

Andrews: Jaime’s charismatic story came out in 2015, but it continues to garner interest.

Andrews: This was an exclusive 2016 interview, done right after Spyk’s passing. We scooped all of the media in U.K. with this one and the other. I remember Sharon’s composed, but obviously emotional tone. I think she knew we wanted to tell her and Spyk’s story respectfully, which was why she granted the interview.

Photo courtesy Robert Lyons.

Andrews: Cambodian fighter and actress Tharoth Sam’s story. This particular story is No. 6, but when you combine our coverage on her,  it’s probably much higher. One of those stories that has a global appeal.

Andrews: A lot of U.K. readers were interested in this one and they came from everywhere. I don’t think a lot of MMA fans were into this one, but it didn’t matter because the FAME…

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