frozen prawns

Frozen Prawns: Delicious Recipes with Frozen Prawns

Having prawns in the freezer opens up a world of culinary opportunities.


Undeniably, frozen prawns are a versatile and delicious ingredient that can transform any dish. Buying frozen prawns can give you the freedom to create a host of exciting meals without the pressure of an expiration date. Frozen prawns give you an easy way to add a protein punch to your meals, not to mention a delightful seafood flavor.


The first meal idea for using your frozen prawns in New Zealand is a classic prawn stir-fry. You can pair prawns with any vegetables you have in your fridge, creating a colorful and nutritious meal. Adding some garlic, ginger, and soy sauce for seasoning will elevate the prawn flavor and give you a quick and satisfying dish.


One of the best sources for top-quality frozen prawns is Markwell Foods. With their commitment to sustainable seafood sourcing, you can cook your prawn recipes knowing you’re doing your part for the planet. Plus, the flavorful prawns from Markwell will make your dishes taste incredible.


Another delicious meal idea is a prawn curry. Simmering prawns in a rich and spicy curry sauce, served with fluffy rice, is a sure crowd-pleaser. This dish allows the prawns to shine, soaked in aromatic spices and flavors.


Lastly, frozen prawns can also be the star of a warm and comforting prawn and vegetable soup. This dish is perfect for colder nights when you need a meal that warms you up from the inside out.


In conclusion, having frozen prawns in New Zealand at your disposal offers numerous culinary possibilities. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty stir-fry, a spicy curry, or a warming soup, prawns can deliver on flavor every time.