NetWrap Silage Film: Storage Management and Benefits

Silage films play a major role in today’s farming and agricultural needs. Learn how it specifically benefits the animal feed production industry.

There are many benefits of using silage film. One of the most important is that it provides a good way to store silage in locations where the growing season for herding grass is relatively short. In addition, the NetWrap silage film helps bundle silage into more manageable shapes, making them easier to transport and deliver. Additionally, experts claim that a silage film keeps the forage within an ideal humidity condition, facilitating controlled fermentation. Here are some other advantages you’ll find when you use silage films:


It’s an Eco-friendly Option

Silage films are known for their silage-preserving benefits, but these films aren’t just good for your silage. They also prevent silage from contaminating the soil and water because they are reusable and recyclable!


If you’re looking to save money by purchasing a long-term solution, go with silage film. The price of silage film is relatively cheap compared to silos. It’s also cheaper than silage bags, which are one-time use only!


Allows for Controlled Fermentation & Storage

Silage film helps control the fermentation process by ensuring the optimum humidity level of your silage. This is because silage film keeps moisture locked in and protects it from the outside air.


A silage film is an excellent choice for those who want to store their silage in a dry environment over the colder months of winter and spring, as it helps prevent condensation and water build-up, which occurs when silos or silage bags are used.


Prevents Weeds & Prevents Contamination

Silage film prevents weeds from growing and contaminating silage. This is because it creates a barrier between the silage and the soil, so grass or other plants can’t grow through your silage pile.


It also protects against water contamination by keeping moisture in a while, protecting silage away from direct contact with soil, and preventing silage from seeping into the water supply.


It Reduces Feed Spoilages

It’s important to keep your wastage as low as possible. With a NetWrap silage film, you can do just that. In addition, silage films are generally used to store silage for a longer time, as it helps maintain the moisture levels and humidity.


When silage is not wrapped with silage film, there’s a high risk of spoilage, resulting in the lost feed that could have been prevented by using silage films.


A silage film also reduces feed wastage by protecting silage from the outside elements. However, it’s important to consider that silage is a perishable product that can spoil quickly when not properly stored.


It Reduces Costs

Since silage films are reusable, they reduce silage production costs in the long term. However, silo bags and silos have to be bought every time you need silage storage, increasing over time.


A silage film also reduces your overall labour costs by saving you from having to manually re-bundle or collect loose silage after it’s been unloaded from silo bags.


It’s Easy to Use & Place

Finally, silage films are also very simple and straightforward to use. There’s no need to build silos or silage bags, and silage films are easy to unload.


A silage film is usually placed on the ground before silo sacks, or loose silage is loaded onto it. Afterwards, farmers use a border knife (the same tool used for baling hay) to cut the silage film and silo sacks from one another, then roll up each side of the silage film to secure it.


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