Scientists and Healthcare Professionals Agree on the Positive Effects of a Calming Blanket

Weighted blankets are proven to provide calm and relaxation to those who use them.

Weighted blankets have grown in popularity over the last decade, which can be attributed to their effectiveness for people who suffer from various health conditions. But if there’s one most favoured attribute of it, it’s the fact that it helps people calm down and relax.

To better understand the effectiveness of this blanket, scientists and healthcare experts recently talked about the mechanism from which it works wonders.  Weighted blankets are usually filled with plastic beads that evenly distribute weight over your body as you’re lying down. This helps even out the way you lay on a flat surface since your brain will be trained a little more to do just that. But that’s not the only thing they do.

What Makes Weighted Blankets Effective?

There are two main reasons why weighted blankets are effective, although this is more scientific. First off, weighted blankets can help you relax by releasing serotonin into your body. That’s right; even though it isn’t in liquid form, there is a way for the body to receive serotonin through the use of a weighted blanket. It’s not precisely proven how, but it is effective nonetheless.

It helps your brain connect after being in a stressful situation by sending signals back and forth from one part of your body to another. For example, if you’re trying to calm yourself down after a long day of work, waves of serotonin are sent to your brain, which helps ease the stress you might be feeling. This is also effective in helping people who have anxiety because it can help lower their heart rate and breathe easier during meditation or just before bed.

The second reason why the Calming Blanket works are that they’re very comfortable. It’s just a good thing to have to lie on top of you in the first place. Some sleep studies even show that it can help you sleep better at night. So, while serotonin and all-around comfort are the two main reasons why a weighted blanket should be used rather than any other type of item, there is one more reason why you should consider getting one.

Helps You Sleep Better, Too

Along with being great for stress and anxiety, Calming Blanket can also help you sleep better at night. When we’re sleeping, the brain will usually let itself be controlled through signals sent from the outside world to its different parts. For example, our bodies are trained to move on their own when we walk or run. It’s part of our biology to move around, and if you’re a chronic insomniac, it can be challenging for your body to get used to that.

It’s the same thing with most types of anxiety because we forget how to let go and relax during the day, resulting in us not being able to sleep at night. These days, we have many accessible tools to help us sleep at night, like alcohol and various prescription drugs. However, these may not all be healthy solutions that come with adverse reactions, so it’s better to use a weighted blanket instead since it doesn’t cause side effects or lead to more problems in the future.