When is it the Right Time to Call and Hire Ferguson Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers?

Just because you suffered injuries in an accident doesn’t mean you need to get legal help right away. Know the right time to call an accident and injury lawyer by reading this article.


There are many instances where you may not need the services and expertise of a lawyer to deal with your legal issue. However, some accident injuries are too significant for an individual to handle on their own.


When you get into a legal situation that is too complex or serious for you to handle on your own, it’s time to hire the services of Ferguson Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers Phoenix. They know what they’re doing and how they can help you with your case.


There are various reasons why one should hire an injury lawyer when in need—this article will discuss some of them!


When Should You Consider Hiring an Accident and Injury Lawyer?


The Accident Resulted in Serious Injuries

Minor injuries often don’t need legal help. But when the injuries are significant enough that you can’t do anything, then it’s time to hire a lawyer. Serious injuries include fractures (broken bones), major lacerations or deep gashes in your skin, and long-lasting effects on mental health such as PTSD or anxiety.


When You’re too Injured to Handle Your Case

An individual with certain types of injury cases can handle them without the assistance of legal representation, but when they require extensive medical care and/or have difficulty understanding their legal rights because of age, disability, language barrier etc., hiring a lawyer becomes necessary. For example:


  • If someone sustains serious brain trauma from being hit by a drunk driver—if they don’t understand what happened to them, they may not know what legal rights they have.
  • If someone has a severe brain injury, their cognitive functioning may be so impaired that it prevents them from understanding the complexity of litigation.
  • Minor injuries like lacerations heal and don’t typically warrant hiring an attorney, but if a person sustains serious burns or suffers pain for months on end because of nerve damage from an accident, this is when it’s time to call in the lawyers.


The Accident Was Caused by Negligence

If you sincerely believe that someone else’s negligence caused the accident, then you should call in an accident and injury lawyer. You may not know your legal rights or how to handle a potential court case without help from an attorney who does this for a living. So make sure you hire their expertise to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.


The Other Party is Blaming You for the Accident

Sometimes the other party is going to be claiming that you were at fault for the accident. Whether it’s true or not, your best bet may be to call and hire an accident and injury attorney as soon as possible so they can help protect your legal rights in such a situation.


You’re Unaware with How the Settlement Works

If you’re unaware of how the settlement works, then it’s time to call in an accident and injury lawyer. They will know all about what a reasonable offer is for your situation and when someone isn’t fair or cooperative.



Remember, you don’t have to call a lawyer every time you get injured. But when matters get worse, it’s time to call Ferguson Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers Phoenix.