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Teeth Whitening Adelaide Experts Warn About the Possible Risks of Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Amidst the hype about home teeth whitening kits, experts remind consumers of some possible risks.

There’s no shortage of motivation and promotion from celebrities and influencers when selling stuff that people need. One of the best examples is that of home teeth whitening kits. In reality, people who flaunt their stunningly white teeth on TV or social media spend hundreds of dollars every year to have their teeth professionally whitened.

So, why promote do-it-yourself and home teeth whitening products when they’re not using them? Aside from making thousands of dollars in endorsement money, these products are convenient to use, cheap, and generally safe. But experts at teeth whitening Adelaide aren’t sold with the “safe” part.

At first glance, home teeth whitening kits seem harmless. Some of them are effective and provide quick yet temporary results. They’re available everywhere and don’t need prescriptions. But not all are completely safe. These are the possible risks according to experts:

1 – Chemical Burns

Many tooth whitening kits come in gel form, which is intended to be placed inside a mouthguard. But because the mouthguard isn’t custom-made for an individual, the gel is likely to leak around the sides and cause chemical burns. The best remedy for a “risky” gel-like whitening product is a professional teeth whitening Adelaide. For starters, a cosmetic dentist can make a customised mouthguard for tooth whitening purposes.

2 – Gum Damage

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common ingredients found in products meant for whitening teeth. Although it’s a harmless substance used in small concentrations, it can lead to significant gum damage with overuse. Countless cases have been reported about whitening products that burned soft tissues in the gums, leading to severe oral health issues later.

3 – Heightened Risk of Infection

Dental experts argue that continuously bombarding the mouth with potent substances can cause chemical burns and eventual damage to the teeth. Once the mouth is compromised, it becomes exposed to bacteria that lead to infections.

4 – Tooth Enamel Damage

Furthermore, the biggest fear among experts regarding teeth whitening is those products that promise results within minutes or hours. Some whitening products can do this, but it’s because of the presence of chlorine dioxide. Dentists are alarmed by the absence of regulations in the use of this harsh chemical. It is the same chemical used in cleaning swimming pools for those who are not familiar with it. That alone says a lot about its harshness.

Chlorine dioxide does the job of removing stains, including the one that sticks to the teeth. But while doing it, it rapidly strips away the enamel of the tooth, causing permanent damage.

There’s no argument that home teeth whitening kits work, but consumers must be aware of the possible risks. It would not make sense to wear pearly white teeth when general dental health is compromised along the way.