Summer Skin Issues Everyone Needs to Address

Dermatologists talk about the ordinary yet largely ignored summer skin issues, including information on addressing them.

Sunburn is not the only danger for the skin during the summer. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the handful of hazards to skin health, some of which are severe enough to cause pain. Spending too much time on swimming pools, air conditioning, and hot tubs can take its toll.

West Dermatology Rancho Mirage Dermatologist discusses the skin problems that everyone must recognize to promote skin wellness:

Dry Skin

Everyone is familiar with it, but it’s mostly ignored. The scorching summer heat combined with prolonged exposure to air conditioning and swimming pools results in dry and irritated skin. Protecting the skin from this summer problem is as simple as using sunscreen. Experts suggest that you take a shower right away after getting out of a swimming pool. But don’t bathe in hot water because it’ll lead to drying your skin out. Finally, prevent dry skin by keeping a moisturizer within reach all the time.

Molluscum Contagiosum

It’s not as widespread as dry skin, but this highly contagious virus deserves to be feared. Children are the most affected by it, and it spreads rather quickly by touching dirty things like towels, toys, and utensils. Prevalent in the summer, the symptoms include flesh-colored bumps with a round shape. It quickly becomes itchy and inflamed. Fortunately, preventing it is as straightforward as washing the hands all the time, covering the bumps with a watertight bandage, and avoiding direct contact with the infected person.

Yeast Infection

Summer is usually the time for the tinea veriscolor to thrive on the skin and cause a ton of inconvenience. West Dermatology Rancho Mirage Dermatologist reveals that yeast infection is common in hot climates and where people sweat a lot. If left untreated, the infection spreads and produces rashes. The best preventive measure against yeast infection is to minimize sun exposure. Experts recommend wearing breathable fabric clothing and avoid the tight ones. Oily skin care products must also be avoided.

Hot Tub Rash

Extended showers and swimming won’t do you any good during the summer. Certain bacteria thrive in the water, which causes itchy bumps that look like acne. Called the hot tub folliculitis, this skin condition can be effectively prevented by ensuring that your water supply has sufficient chlorine and ideal pH levels to kill the bacteria.

Back Acne

The constant wearing of swimsuits and tank tops may clog the pores. This happens when the summer heat forces the body to sweat, combining with oil and bacteria in the skin. It’s a widespread case for people who like to be in their wet bathing suits while getting exposed to the sun. The bathing suit creates friction with the skin, especially on the back and butt. This is when acne begins developing in those areas. Prevention starts by washing sweaty swimwear, towels, and clothes before wearing them again.